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International Young People's
Festival 2012
Internacia Junulara Festivalo de Esperanto 2012 Have you already got plans for Easter 2012? No??? No??? Excellent! Book now for IJF 2012, the coolest Esperanto gathering there is!

The International Young People's Festival 2012 is going to be held in Cervia, a seaside town near Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna. Situated on the Adriatic coast, it is well-known in Italy and the rest of Europe as a seaside summer resort, with its mild all year round climate, its day and night time bars and clubs and for its fantastic situation. The festival will be based in the Hotel Tania, in the centre of Cervia, just a few steps from the sea! To find out more, have a look at the location info (in Esperanto).

From the 4th to the 10th of april 2012 more than a hundred young Esperanto-speakers from Italy and other countries will meet to discuss the subject of "New languages for new communications media: from Leibniz to Zuckerberg, via Turing" (more info in Esperanto), but also to use the language, make friends, and enjoy themselves in a youthful and international context. The programme is going to be full of interesting contributions, lectures, discussions, workgroups, games, concerts, excursions and lots more! Keep up to date with what's happening by looking at the page for the programme (in Esperanto) and, if you've got suggestions, let us know on the application form or by email.

In accordance with tradition, the bar and the disco will be operating way into the night, as will the gufujo (a special kind of tea-room for anybody wanting to have a quiet chat with their new-found friends). But above all, nothing is compulsory: everybody is completely free to decide how to spend their time.

Sounds o.k., doesn't it? If you fancy taking part, have a look at the prices (in English) and... fill up the application form (in Esperanto)!

What's the Festival like?
If you still don't know the special atmosphere of Esperanto meetings, just look at this:

Concert by Jomo, IJK 2008: "La Bamba" in Esperanto

Concert by Ĝanfranko - Send-Krik ("Sand Creek")

Special arrangements
• Are you Italian, under 30 years of age and have taken the Kirek course on our website (or alternatively, have obtained a first level from the Istituto Italiano di Esperanto)? You can get a big discount by means of the IIE-IEJ competition (in Esperanto).

• Do you live in a less prosperous country, or one that's quite far from Italy, and are you under 30 years old? The Gioventù Esperantista Italiana have set up a fund to allow you to take part free of charge. More information about this initiative can be found on this page: IJFonduso (in Esperanto).

• Do you live in Germany? Participants who are resident in Germany can have their travel costs reimbursed thanks to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information from the Germana Esperanto-Junularo:

To contact us with any offers of cooperation, requests or enquiries, contact us at this address:
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