Which is the only Italian Festival able to bring together hundreds of young people from all over the world during one intense week of events and parties, a Festival able to make all these people communicate by means of only one language, impartial and which puts everyone on the same level? The answer is simple: the Internacia Junulara Festivalo (IJF) (International Youth Esperanto Festival)! And the common language we are talking about, no, it’s not english: it’s Esperanto, also known as the lingvo internacia, the international language created in the late ‘800 by the Polish intellectual Ludwik Zamenhof. Blend the two ingredients together, then, and you will get one of the most vibrant and interesting among all of the youth Esperanto Festival in Europe, both for the cultural programme and the entertainment. Organized every year by the Council of Italian Esperanto Youth, the Internacia Junulara Festivalo – IJF 2019 will take place in Rimini – Viserbella, (RN). From the 17th to the 23rd of April do not miss the opportunity to spend a whole week made of international friendships, cultural exchanges, Esperanto language classes, conferences, workshops, guided tours, concerts, nightlife, sun and…yummy food, of course! Internacia Junulara Festivalo’s doors are opened to everyone, both young and old fellows: remember, what’s really important is to bring a lot of enthusiasm and the right drive in order to take part to the numerous activities that we are organizing expressly for our guests. Above all, you’d better not forget to sign up to the Festival: the sooner you do it, the better it is! First time at the Internacia Junulara Festivalo – IJF? You don’t know what it is, why it is organized and what it consists of? Put immediately aside your doubts and visit the related web page dedicated to those who, like you, have never been to the IJF! Would you bet that the application form will be your next step after that? 🙂 If you have already taken part to the Internacia Junulara Festivalo – IJF over past editions and you’re starting to feel anxious about what’s new and which surprises will be awaiting you, please visit the special page dedicated to the IJF 2019 in Italian language. For any information please contact us using the e-mail address: iej@esperanto.it.