General information*

    • Duration of the event. The Festival will last from Wednesday 2019/04/17 until Tuesday 2019/04/23, from the dinner of the 17th until the lunch of the 23rd. It is possible to lodge on-site from two days before the official start of the festival, but not after its end, at the same overnight stay price as during the event. In this case IEJ assumes no liability of any kind for the participants, who will provide for their own needs, but for the housing.
    • Participation types. This year there is just 1 participant category:
      • Ordinary participant. This category includes programme, lodging in a room (sheets are not included), meals between the dinner of 2019/04/17 and the lunch of 2019/04/23.
For detailed information concerning the accommodation see the specific page.


In order for a registration to be validated a deposit must be sent to IEJ. The minimum deposit for IJF 2019 is 30€ for everyone.

After the deposit is received, a confirmation of room availability (even for autonomous members) will be sent: the confirmation means acceptance of the registration, making the registration official. On-site it will be necessary to show a proof of the deposit and an ID.

In case of the registered members who cannot participate, the minimum deposit won’t be given back. If the deposited amount is greater than the minimum amount, the money will be sent back, net of the minimum deposit, provided that the absence is notified no later than March 1st 2019. It is also allowed to transfer the enrollment fee from one person to another, on condition that a written document attesting the transfer will be shown on-site. It is not possible to transfer more than one deposit to the same person. The rates will be adapted to the new participant.

Payment methods

  • Money transfer. It is the most common way for transferring money from one bank account to another, or by postal service. The necessary information to make the transfer are the following: Bank: Prossima. Holder: Federazione Esperantista Italiana. IBAN: IT23X0335901600100000131970. BIC: BCITITMX. It is necessary to indicate in the causal: “IJF 2019 – [Deposit/Fee] – PARTICIPANT’S NAME”.
  • PayPal.One of the most commonly used methods for online money transfer. For those who don’t have it yet, creating an account is fast and easy. To make the payment it is sufficient to log in to PayPal, select “Send money” and fill in the form with the following information: Email: Amount: the amount of the transaction (deposit or fee) in Euros. Purchase of: Services. In the form “Email to recipient” it is necessary to indicate “IJF 2019 – [Deposit/Fee] – PARTICIPANT’S NAME” as subject.
  • Credit card. Through the UEA service it is possible to make credit card payments to IEJ. You just need to go to, specifying the account code (ieja-z), “Alia celo” under “Pago-celo”, and stating the purpose of the payment as usually: “IJF 2019 – [Deposit/Fee] – PARTICIPANT’S NAME”.
  • Via UEA. For those who have an UEA account it is possible to make the payment to IEJ by sending an e-mail to (copy to, indicating the codes of the sender’s and the recipient’s (ieja-z) accounts. WARNING: after the 2019/03/10 this payment method won’t be accepted.
  • By cash. Finally, it is possible to pay the deposit by cash, specifying the amount given and the depositary. Concerning the settlement, it is possible to make it on-site at the reception check in, contextually to the regularization of the registration and the room allocation.

Detailed information

(rates are automatically calculated once the registration form is filled)


The basic rates for the festival vary following three parameters (one for the autonomous/external members). These are explained below: – Country of residence. Countries are divided into four zones*, which are classified according to their Gross Domestic Product; rates decrease from zone 1 to zone 4. – Registration period. Four periods are considered for registration: the first one (0) ends on November 11th 2018 included, the second (1) ends on January 7th 2019 included, the third (2) ends on March 7rd 2019 and the last one (3) ends at the festival. Rates increase as the festival draws nearer. – Age. The participants’ ages (updated on 2019/03/17) are divided into four categories at a fixed rate. As for the autonomous/external participants, the only determinant parameter is the country of residence, following the rules already explained.

Country of origin

Registration Period

Fees (€)

0-3 4-10 11-19 20-27 28-35 36+

1 0 75 95 155 170 185 220

1 115 175 190 205 240
2 135 195 210 225 260
3 155 215 230 245 280
2 0 60 65 125 140 155 190

1 85 145 160 175 210
2 105 165 180 195 230
3 125 185 200 215 250
3 0 45 50 110 125 140 175

1 70 130 145 160 195
2 90 150 165 180 215
3 110 170 185 200 235
4 0 15 20 80 95 110 145

1 40 100 115 130 165
2 60 120 135 150 185
3 80 140 155 170 205
The shown rates are basic, so they are applied in standard cases: 6-day length of stay and no additional services. In case of a shorter stay the daily rate is the basic one divided by five. For autonomous members the rate is independent on the length of stay. The available additional services are shown in the table below:



Additional night

15 € / night

Single room

20 € / day

Double room

12 € / day

Additional meals

8 € each

Bed sheets + towels

7 € for the whole stay

Invitation letter (if aged less than 30)

5 €

Invitation letter (if aged 30 or more)

10 €

NB: The invitation letter must be requested no later than February 15th 2019. Please also note that for participants resident in Italy who are not FEI-members, membership is possible at the time of on-site acceptance. However, it is possible to take part in the festival without a membership fee, paying a surcharge. The costs are shown below:

FEI membership



Sum to pay



30 €


0 – 24

15 €




Sum to pay



32 €


0 – 24

16 €


For IJF 2019 four discount types are possible (excluding exchange programs, bursaries and various agreements): programme contribution, organizing help, IEJ support and friends invitation. – Programme contribution. It refers to the participants proposing and administrating a programme activity (thematic or not). Usually the discount is up to 10 € per an hour of contribution. – Organising help. It refers to the participants helping in organising activities (bar, tea room, etc.). The discount is usually set individually for each case. – IEJ support. It refers to IEJ supporters. The discount in this case is 10%. – Friends invitation. It is a discount which progressively varies depending on the number of invited (and actually participant) people. The discount is 5% on the due rate for each friend. Hence, the rate is calculated again for each invited friend: from the basic rate, if for example two friends were invited, first the 5% discount is applied, then the new rate is calculated, on which the 5% discount is again applied. In the table below an example is shown (indicative fares):
Friends 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Rate 150,00 142,50 135,38 128,61 122,18 116,07 110,26 104,75 99,51 94,54

* 1 Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Catalonia, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, UK, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican. 2 Cyprus, Czech Republic Greece, Iceland, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain. 3 Australia, Brunei, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Japan, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, USA. 4 All other.
* In case of inconsistency among the versions, please refer only to the Esperanto translation.